Committed to Sustainability

Hummingbird at rest - Night song Farm

Night Song Farm is committed to taking care of the soil and the amazing ecosystem on the farm. Here is a brief summary of the growing practices we use to ensure that Nature is never compromised:

  • We never use any chemical insecticide, pesticide or fungicide. Until now, we have never sprayed anything more than water on our plants for bug prevention; if a critical situation develops where something more is required, we would choose a product that is approved for certified organic agriculture. We have a trio of very cute and comical ducks for slug control.
  • We start all our seedlings in certified organic potting mix.
  • We use diluted fish & kelp spray fertilizer throughout the season; both are approved for certified organic agriculture.
  • We use Sea Soil & certified organic cow manure to amend our beds. We also use horse manure from our horse; she is fed grass, unsprayed/unfertilized hay, and minerals, and she is not given any GMO grain. In addition, we use fertilizer at the time of planting which we mix ourselves using certified organic alfalfa & certified organic kelp.
  • There is no PVC on our farm.
  • We do buy shrubs from nurseries and seeds from all over the world, none of which are organic (there isn’t really a market yet for organic shrubs and flower seeds), but the seeds/plants are non-GMO.
  • We use drip irrigation on most of the farm and water in the early morning, evening or overnight to ensure that water is used efficiently.
  • We mulch with certified organic straw or unsprayed/unfertilized hay.