Flowers for Your Restaurant

Local & Sustainable

Night Song Farm Spring 2012

Restaurants rave about our flowers! Beautiful, fresh blooms in an incredible variety enhance both your customers’ dining experience and your staff’s work day.

Table Flowers
From April through October, we can deliver gorgeous flowers to your restaurant. You can choose flowers in a bucket so that you can create your own table and larger arrangements, or we can arrange the flowers for you. The flowers are very fresh – harvested the day before or morning of your delivery – and will last at least a week in the vase.

Edible Flowers
We offer edible flower mixes featuring a wide range of varieties, subtle flavours and colours. We can customize your blend to include more of your favourites. Our edible flowers will easily last a week (but you’ll likely use them up sooner!)

Night Song Farm Summer 2012Night Song Farm Summer 2012Night Song Farm 2012