Choosing Night Song Farm

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Roses & Dahlias by Night Song Farm

From intimate backyard weddings to large events, we create flower arrangements that are right for you.  We offer:

Bridal, bridesmaid and flower girl bouquets
Boutonnières and corsages
Table, aisle, and arbour arrangements
Hair flowers, crowns, cake flowers, petals, & more

Exceptional Service
It is a great honour to be part of making your wedding day one of the most memorable days of your life and we strive to make your dreams come true!  From helping you select flower varieties and arrangement styles to growing certain flowers specifically for you, exceptional service is always our goal.
  You’ll find reviews from some of our wedding couples on our Appreciation page.

Sustainable Blooms
We specialize in sustainably grown flowers. This is your guarantee that no chemicals were used in the flower-growing process so you can feel comfortable smelling the fragrance of our flowers.  We care for the soil and our flowers show it. If you would like to learn more about our sustainable growing practices, please read our Commited to Sustainability page.

Local Blooms are the Freshest
By choosing a local flower grower, you ensure that your wedding flowers will be the freshest, most vibrant possible.  At Night Song Farm, we harvest flowers for your wedding bouquets and arrangements two or three days before your big day.  You also benefit from a far greater variety of flowers since a local grower can choose to grow varieties without concern for long shipping distances.  The result is truly one of a kind arrangements that fit your personal vision and style.

Seasonal Variety
We take great pleasure in creating arrangements that change with the seasons. Our climate on Vancouver Island allows a long and exciting growing season and it is a great joy to watch the various parts of the farm change over the course of the year. From peonies & ranunculus & roses in spring/early summer to dahlias & hydrangeas & more roses in late summer/fall, we grow an abundance of beautiful blooms throughout the season. We look forward to sharing this with you.